Support the lobby and coordination efforts we undertake.

Please join, even if you do not plan to use the facilities.

Please join, even if you do not plan to use the facilities.

Only 1 in 5 households are PVCL members, yet everyone benefits from a strong Community League.
While a large part of our budget comes from Casino profits, we need membership dollars too.

Family Membership 4

Four or more people in a household.


Family Membership 3

Three people in a household.


Family Membership 2

Two people in a household.


Family Membership 1

Single person households.


MEMBERSHIP TERM: September 1, 2023-August 31, 2024

(Prices above include the admin fee for EFCL)

What does your Community League do?

Members helped fund the playground and park space, they built and maintain the Hall, and annually flood and maintain the ice rinks.

More infrastructure projects are in planning. Members are supporting the community you live in and get a voice in the types of programs the League offers. The Parkview league, and our “umbrella” Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, represent residents on civic issues of local importance such as traffic control. The League organizes multiple community events each year, free to all, we need community support to be able to continue to do this.

Tangible Benefits:

  • Free once/week access to Community SwimTime at one of the city pools.
  • Reduced rates for passes to City of Edmonton Recreational facilities.
    • (pools and leisure centers, eg, Commonwealth Rec Centre, Kinsmen, JP, Confederation)*
  • Skate tags allow you to use the ice rinks at any League rink in Edmonton.
    • FYI… the skating facilities at Parkview cost over $18,000 per year to operate!
    • That’s for the water, electricity for lighting and for the flooding and maintenance of the surface.
  • Membership is required in order to join League programs
    • (Brownies, Guides, Karate, Preschool, Tot Time, Yarn Nite, Soccer)
  • Discount on the use of the Hall once per year.
  • 10% discount with Acclaimed Furnace Cleaning. (the owner lives in Parkview!)
  • Wholesale Pricing for members at Cloverdale paint stores*
  • Discounts on Microsoft and Adobe courses at the UofA Technology Training Centre*
  • Discounts on large format printing at the UofA Campus Design and Print shop.*
  • Discounts on crested clothing and giftware at the Uof A bookstore*

* indicates details are at the EFCL.CA website

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