Parkview’s legendary


Join your friends and neighbours for one HELL of a PARTY!


Parking available on-site

Parkview Community Hall
The Cursed Castle

Parkview’s legendary HALLoween BALL


Tickets $40

Adults-only (18+)

Date & Time

Saturday October 28th, 2023

8 PM – Late

Safety & Accessibility

Venue is wheelchair accessible.

Dress Code

Spooktacular Costumes Only!

Prize: Best Costume Award


Parkview’s legendary HALLoween BALL

Enter the eerie realm where the ethereal and enigmatic merge, where moonlit shadows come alive.

Join us for a haunting night of enchantment, and be prepared to uncover its spine-chilling secrets, if you dare.

The Enchanted Night: Unmasking Halloween’s Secrets!

From venturing into the most haunted corners to grooving to eternal rhythms, each moment is an encounter with the extraordinary and a taste of the enchanted elixir.