Outdoor Registration is open February 1, 2024 – March 12, 2024!

Schedule & Fees Overview

  • Registration is not complete until your fees are fully paid.
  • Parkview does not accept late registration (other communities may with a fee).
  • You will not be placed on a Parkview team if you register after March 12 or if your fees are not fully paid by midnight on March 12 – even if you live in Parkview!
  • The EMSAWest office can help you with e-transfer if that is your preferred method of payment.
  • If you are having technical trouble with the Soccer Portal, please contact EMSAWest. (The flow chart on this link refers to concerns and complaints about programming NOT technical problems.)
  • If you live outside Parkview but requested to play with Parkview OR you live in Parkview but requested to play with a different community, your request will be reviewed after March 12. Transfers are not guaranteed.
  • All players, who are registered and paid in full by March 12, will be placed on a team. Soccer Coordinators work together to build teams and consider a variety of factors including the community who has a volunteer coach. Parkview players are not necessarily placed on a Parkview team. If there are no volunteer coaches, wait lists will be created.
  • If you volunteered to be a team official, there will be follow up communication if you have been placed on a team.


PVCL Soccer Coordinator Email:

Volunteering Requirement

Volunteer Bond Required (One Per Family) | $50

Volunteer opportunities are approx. 3 hours, in April/May/June if you do not show up, your bond is considered cashed families may wish to buy out their volunteer bond cheques can be dropped off at the Parkview Community Hall credit card option available ($3 service fee applies)

Bonus! Parkview community league members who are a team official (coach, assistant coach, team manager) for a Parkview team receive a free hall rental!